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When I went to the first day of school I rode a bus.  I got onto a new bright big yellow bus and rode to school.  But it was the wrong school  AHHH!!  The sign in front said “Junior High.”  Help!!!!
Finally I got to West School but I was twenty minutes late.  I was embarrassed to walk into the classroom.  I didn’t want anyone to notice me so I tip toed in.  I sat down in an empty desk at the back of the room without anybody noticing me.  Then the lunch bell ran.  The teacher noticed me!!  She asked me my name and I said “B-B-B-Bryant.”  She looked at her list and said you’re not in my classroom.  Ahhh!  She said to go to room 110 after lunch.  When I got to lunch and opened up my new Superman lunch box there was no lunch in my new and cool box.
I screamed!  Everybody heard me!  I felt like the whole world was watching me.  A boy across the table gave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The peanut butter and jelly were dripping out from the sides.  He also gave ma a moldy apple.  Yuck!  There is one good thing today, I found a friend.  After lunch Tim and I played kick ball.  I kicked it really far and I started to run and I got to third base!!  Everybody cheered.  I even drove a man home.
After lunch I went to room 110 and I found out that my friend Tim who I met at lunch sat right next to me.  That afternoon Tim and I passed notes and talked.  The afternoon went fast because we had my favorite subjects, Art and PE.  The bell rang and it was time to go home.  When I got on the bus, I found out that my friend Tim was on the bus.  The Day Which I Thought Would Be Bad Was Wonderful!!