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By: Blanca del Castillo
4th Grade
Greenich, CT
Greenwich Catholic School

Joey woke up one day, and told himself, "Valentines Day, Nooo."  He went down for breakfast
"Honey, there's something in the mail for you," said Mrs. Smith.
Then Annie, Joey's sister yelled, "Girlfriend, girlfriend, Joey has a girlfriend."
"Shut-up, twerp!"   Screamed Joey.  Joey opened the envelope, and the letter read.
Dear Joey,
I really like you!
Love, your Sweet Admirer
"Aaahhh!" Screamed Joey.
At School, Joey saw a lot of girls staring at him.  "Oh boy" Joey thought.  At the end of the day, Jessica came up to Joey, and told him, "I like you, I'm sorry."  And they walked home.