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Tom McGrath
Grade 4, Mrs. Boslett

Once upon a time a brave, handsome captain was sailing with a beautiful princess.  The captain was going to marry the princess.  A mean, old pirate wanted to marry the princess.  He swore he would marry her, too.  Later, when the captain and the princess were enjoying the music from the violinist, the pirate swung through the window on a rope.  He challenged the captain to a sword fight.  Whoever won would get the princess.  The captain accepted his challenge.  The captain took as sword from the wall.  Klang!  Klang!  Klang!  They ducked!  They jumped!  They did everything to not get stabbed.  But the captain did get stabbed.  He fell on the ground.  The mean old pirate grabbed the princess.  The princess struggled.  The captain was still alive.  He struggled to get up.  He took the sword and stabbed the pirate.  The pirate died.  The captain and the princess got married and lived happily ever after.