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by Sara W.

  Once upon a time there was a Mommy bird and four eggs.  Mommy bird was sitting on them waiting for them to hatch.  Along came Mr. Snake and he said
" Why don't you go to the market and buy some birdseed for your eggs.?"
Mama Bird thought for a minute and then said,
"I guess so, but you have to promise to take care of my babies."
She went off to the market.
When she got home Mr. Snake was lying on the ground with red chalk on him.  He said,
"Mama bird,  a lion climbed up the tree and knocked me down and took your four eggs."
Mama bird did not believe him, so she said,
"I believe you, but for all your trouble I will watch your baby snakes while you go to the snake shop."
And he said "Fine."
When he got home Mama bird was standing near the pond with no babies.  Well, Mr. Snake was so mad he said
"What happened?"
She said,
"An alligator came up, threw me in the pond and took all five of your babies.  I'm sorry for you."
Snake jumped up and said,
"That's not true!  That's not true!"  he screamed and shouted.
He gave her eggs back.  They heard some cracking noise.  The birds hatched.
They lived happily ever after, but they never asked each other to baby sit again.