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Andrew Stevenson

It was a hot, dry day in Ghostown, Arizona.  The sky was clear and not a cloud in sight on June 6, 1991.  A cowboy named Bob was riding on his horse, Dixie.  Bob rode up to the bar where his friends Mary and the bartender Jake were.
They were very happy to see Bob.  Mary and Jake told Bob that they were going to buy a new bar because the one they owned now was too old.  Cowboy Bob offered to get the deed papers from the bank for Mary and Jake and they said, “OK”.
After Bob got the deed papers, he was going to bring them back to Mary and Jake but on his way back he ran into an old friend named Ed. (Ed was really a robber.)  Ed was such a good friend that Bob gave him two tickets to a play, but instead of reaching into his left pocket where his tickets were, he reached into his right pocket where the deed papers were.  Forgetting what play tickets look like, Bob gave the deed papers to Ed.
Bob got back to the bar and found Jake and Mary waiting for him at a table.  Bob reached into his left pocket and pulled out tickets to the play.  Now Bob was worried.
Bob said, “We’ve got a problem.”
“What kind of problem?” said Jake.
“I thought I gave two tickets to Ed, but I gave him the deed papers.  Don’t worry, we’ll get Ed tomorrow,” said Bob.
The next day Bob got on his horse at sunrise.  After 3 hours of riding he found Ed, got the deed papers, and chased Ed out of Ghostown, Arizona forever.  After that Bob got his share of chores for his Big Mistake in Ghostown.