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Jenny Musbach
Grade 6, Charles Quentin School
Barrington, IL

Hi.  I'm Kelly and I am here to tell you about a most interesting mistake I made.
It all started when my two kind of friends dropped by very unexpectedly.  They were the coolest girls in school and they had their ears pierced.  Oh, how I wanted my ears pierced, but my Dad said no.
He said, "Your older sister Jamie hadn't gotten hers pierced until she got into Junior High!"
So then the stupidest person on earth walked in - JoJo.  I asked her what to do (not that I cared), but anyway she said, "Well my brother owns a jewelry store and he has an earring gun.  I could get it and do it myself."
"Well . . . . . . . OK," I said.
"OK, Squirt, come on, we've got ears to pierce."
(Five minutes later)  All done - well gotta go.  See ya' Squirt.
The next day . . . I woke up and my ears were the size of tomatoes and the color of apples.  They were infected!!!!!
Jamie noticed, "Kel, you've got to get those ears to a doctor, or tell dad."
"OK, I will."
"Come on then, let's go."
I found dad on the couch cutting coupons.
"Dad, can I tell you something?"
"Sure honey, what's up?"
"Well you see . . . . it's like this.  I let JoJo pierce my ears."

"What?!!  After I specifically told you no!"

"I want to be treated like an individual - not have to do whatever Jamie wants to do,  when she does it.:"

"I guess you're right.  Now, how about getting those ears to a doctor, and after we'll go out and get a burger and fries, cause it's the last meal you'll be having out in a long time.

"Grounded, huh."

The end.