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Gabriel Castro
Grade 8
Tioga Elementary, Bensenville, IL

Once there was a boy named Juan Carlos.
He lived in Los Angeles with his family.
They wanted a new life, so they moved to Chicago.
He went outside and saw a gang.
They asked Juan Carlos if he wanted to be in the gang.
And he said yes.
He did not go to school and he started to steal from the people.
He wanted to get out of the gang,
But the leader of the gang said if he gets our, they would kill him.
Then one day he did not do his work to steal from the people.
The leader of the gang wanted to kill.
But he called the police.
The police came and arrested the leader of the gang.
Juan Carlos got a job and he started a new life.
The family of Juan Carlos are happy to be together in their new life.

The end