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Grade 2
Central School
Roxana, IL

I have a dog.
I have a cat.
I like them both.
And that is that.


Grade 3
Walt Whitman School

I was eating lunch with Monica, Erin, and Laura.
We opened our lunch boxes.  We started to eat.
I had a sandwich and fruit.
All of a sudden I saw something wrapped in foil.
I opened it up.
It was a box of animal crackers. 
Chocolate animal crackers.
All of the sudden an animal cracker jumped out of the box!
It started to dance.
She asked of I wanted to dance.
I said yes.
We started to dance.
The teacher came in.
The animal changed into a cracker again.
I was dancing on the table.
I got in trouble.
That was the best day of my life!


Grade  7
Mahopec Falls,  NY

Anger is a huge beast
It changes form with each moment
And lives off our emotions.
It's roar is like that of the devil.
It is truly evil.
Each moment you get angrier,
it gets much stronger.



Ant, and, why are you so cruel
Running around disobeying every rule?
You crawl around and steal
Food that we bought to have a pleasant meal.

Ant, and, sneaky bad ant!
Why do you do the things that you do?
Why do you invade our cereal box?
You should be climbing on rocks!

Ant, ant. I hope you can hear me,
I certainly hope you fear me.
Now you're walking on a can of trash.


by Faiz
St. Scholastica School
Woodridge, IL

Dear Companies,

Your new electric tooth brush
destroyed ma's upper plate.

Your new electric blanket
ignited Uncle Nate.

Your new electreic blender
won't let go of little Sue.

Each and every single day
We find out new things appliances can do.

The more hatred you show, the more it possesses

It's arms reach out and grab you.
When you least expect it, it takes hold of you.
It captures your sense of judgment,
and destroys your inhibitions.
It causes you to lose your temper,
and your close friends too.


Waukegan, IL

The cat yawns
Opens her jaws.
Stretches her legs
And shows her claws.
Then she gets up
Stands on all four
Long stiff legs
And yawns some more.


Grace Ann Keene
grade 8  age 12
Family Learning Academies
Harrington,  DE

Up is where we have to go,
To go away from down.
But what if every thing were turned
The other way around?

Floors would then be our ceilings,
And ceilings would be our floors.
But would we go down the stairs,
To go through attic doors?

Sitting down would seem quite strange,
And standing up would too.
And would the birds go underground
If up is where they flew?

What would saying “bottom” mean?
Would mountains still have tops?
Would rabbits, frogs, and kangaroos
Have trouble with their hops?

Falling down I do a lot.
Would falling up hurt less?
If up were down would spilling milk
Produce a smaller mess?

All these things I’m wondering
Are silly, without a doubt.
But how do you suppose we’d feel
With things turned inside out?


4th Grade
Virdin School

Once when I was little
I found a butterfly
Stuck in the hot tar
of the road.

Being very careful'
Not to hurt it
I picked it up
And put it in a box

The next morning
I let it go.

Two days later
He flew back to me.

I guess it was because
I was nice to him.


By:  Taylor 
grade 3 
Francis Xavier Ward School, Chicago

The train underground
Up on town anywhere
they keep moving
All the way where the
big band plays
Chicago is so groovy!!


By Sarah
Fifth Grade, Hillis Elementary

Snow falling gently, there’s caroling tonight
Children are singing in soft candlelight
Gathering together with those whom we love
Watching the snow fall as white as a dove
Hot apple cider, cheeks red as a rose
Packages wrapped in bright paper and bows
Look at the snow falling gracefully down
And mother in her white flowing gown
Dad’s in the kitchen fixing the tv
I’m wrapping presents for under the tree
I’m filled with excitement, happiness, and joy
For it soon will be Christmas Day.


Evanston, IL

Sitting in the dentist's office
Waiting for your turn.
There's not much to do
But to stare at a fern.
Did I brush my teeth today?
"Good checkup" will he say?
Will I get a filling?
I hate the sound of drilling!
I'd rather be home playing.
What's that the nurse is saying?
Uh, oh!  It's my turn.


Iba,  Grade 2
Herndon, VA                                     

Dinosaurs were terrible lizards.
We don't know how they died,
But we think it was a blizzard!


Grade 1
Reading, PA

Five dinosaurs ate my birthday cake
After that they had a tummy ache.

Then those dinosaurs wanted some more
So they ate my bedroom door.

There was Tyrannosaurus Rex and Allosaurus too
An Apatasuarus in my closet laid an egg in my shoe.

All five dinosaurs got together think
Then a Stegosaurus washed his face in my sink

I entered the room and saw all the mess
I started to clean - a Ptereadactyl did the rest.

How would I get them out of my room?
I couldn't use a dust mop or a broom.

Oh no I thought - how will my parents feel?
Then the Tyrannosaurus Rex ate them all for his meal.


By Cort
Clive Elementary
Mrs. Beaman
4th grade

My sister has almost no hair.
She whines all the time.
She is 18 months old.
She makes my room a pit.
When I take some thing from her
She whines up a storm.
My sister whines because she doesn’t
Get her way.
I love my little sister but when she
Whines I get very mad at her and I get
Really annoyed.
She is fun to play with out doors,
When she is in a good mood.


2nd grade, Pleasantville, NY

I’m falling up, I’m falling down, I’m falling left and right.
I’m simply falling out of sight.
It’s very scary, yes indeed,
I have no idea what I’ll need.
I’m falling up, I’m falling down, I’m falling all around.



West Des Moines School

Ghost and Goblin at your host
Now they have to make a roast.
They made the roast until they roast the host.
They made the ghost and goblin go away
Forever and ever until they wake.


Sheffield School
Grade 3
Lynchburgh, VA

My monster is a grumpy Ghost.
He likes to scare the children
He lives in an old, old house.
He has no friends.
He likes to fly in the dark.
He does not like to eat.
On Halloween he likes to hide in the bushes.
When the children walk by, he likes to jump out and frighten them.


Armonk, NY

Hebrew is a language
A special one, its true.
All the things you say in English
You can say in Hebrew, too.

One well know Hebrew word, Shalom,
Is three words all in one.
It means hello, good-bye and peace.
Learning Hebrew can be fun.


Jame, Grade 7
Dirksen School, Chicago

A dinosaur is a huge reptile
with such a little brain,
That if you made them identify themselves
they would always forget their name.

They lived on Earth many years ago
and they went through many seasons.
They would always seem to make it through,
it didn't matter what was the reason.

And then, one night, when they all slept
not knowing death was on the way,
A meteor came and blocked
the sun's beautiful bright red rays.

And then there was no food to eat
and the water wasn't fit to drink,
And that, my friends, is the story
on how the dinosaur became extinct.


Mt. Sinai School
Mt. Sinai, NY

The first thing to do is to keep the door of our room closed so your mother can't see how messy it is.
If that works you don't have to read the rest.
But if she does see it, this is what you do.
First, you find all the garbage in your room and throw it in the garbage.
Second, you empty your garbage pail because it will be overflowing by now.
Now you pick up all your clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper.
Don't take all the time to look and see what is dirty or clean, it's probable filthy since it was on your floor.
After that you stash as much as you can under the bed where your mother can't see it.
Next, the remaining junk you throw in your drawers since they're probably empty because everything is in the hamper.
One of the biggest tasks is making your bed. 
You have to make it or else your mother will see all your junk under there.
You have to make the bed so the blankets go down to the floor.
Throw you pillow on the bed and you're finished!
Enjoy you nice clean room while it lasts.
And please make you bed every morning or you will have to go through the process again.


Grade 2
Miss Carlisle
Roaring Brook School
Chappaqua, NY

The human body has more than 200 bones.
Your head is called the skull.
The scientific name is the cranium.
Your ribcage protects your heart, your lungs, and other organs.
We have a lot of cells.
The cells eat basic foods like fat, starches, and sugar.
The cells burn it up.
The waste food goes down to the little kidney.
Then it goes farther.
And finally out.


Grade 5
Champaign, IL

I saw a butterfly
With its silvery wings
As it swooped and soared
Through the bright blue sky.
Then I thought that I too
Must feel the wind on my wings
And freedom
As does a butterfly.


By:  Molly
age 9  grade 4
Anderson School
St. Charles, IL

When I look up in the big sky, I see the stars that make me cry.
Then I see the grass down low, I think of things I like to know.
I wonder why the stars are bright, and why they come out during night.
I wonder what’s down in the ground, if there’s something that can’t be found.
Now my thoughts are out of my head, I will lay here in my warm bed


By Shelby

Little Miss Quiet
Always started a riot
For she was very different you see
Always had been
Had nothing to say
But she was sweet as a sweet honeybee.

In the morning she’d wake up and stretch
And hop quickly out of her bed
Her mother would yell, at the top of her lungs
“Wake up, quiet sleepyhead!”

She’d sit at the table
And eat breakfast quite fast
Yet no matter what
She always seemed to be last.

She’d sit at her desk
Never raising her hand
Her voice never heard
In the choir or band.

At the end of the day
She skipped out of class
Her feet gliding smoothly
As if walking on glass.

She’s come home and sit
On the edge of her bed
“What are you doing?” mom yelled,
Her face turned bright red –
As a box slowly was slipped
under her bed.

She said Grace at dinner
And bowed down her head
Then came the part
That she truly did dread
“Dear, how was school?”
Her mother would say
As Little Miss Quiet
Closed her eyes to pray. 

Then she would whisper,
“There’s nothing to say.”
And close her eyes tighter
Hoping they’d all go away.

“Just a normal day?” mom would ask
“Nothing good? Nothing bad?”
The sheer thought of talking
Just made Little Miss Quiet so sad.

Then finally she opened
Her eyes up quite wide
Her family just looked
At her in surprise

She opened her mouth
And twirled her curly locks
“Happy Mother’s Day,” she whispered
As she held out a box.

Mom looked inside
And to her delight!
An all “A” report card!
Little Miss Quiet was bright!

She may have been quiet
With no much to say
But now everyone knew
She’d make a difference someday!


Third Grade
Saginaw, MI

There is only one me.
This is me. 
My name is Derrick.
I have two cats.
My tricycle has three wheels.
I see four stuffed toys.
I like five ice cream flavors.
I have six crayons,
seven swimming fishes,
eight silly hats,
nine things that go.
There are ten houses on my block.


George Washington School
Grade 5

Science is a fun thing to do.
If I were a scientist I would try to discover many things.
Scientists are important in our life.
If the scientists never found the dinosaur bones, we would never see how big the dinosaurs are. 
We would never be able to read about dinosaurs.
We would not even know what their names are of mean.
Scientists in the future will find out how to stop all the animals from dying, the water from being poisoned, the air from being polluted. 
This country will not be as bad as it is now.


Brookwood Intermediate
Glenwood, IL
Grade 6

A scientist!
Yes, a scientist!
I'd be the very best one.
Not even Einstein could top me with his E=MC2.
Oh, if I were a scientist today I would create a world for play.
A world for jobs, a world with door knobs,
so you can go to any place, time, or day.,
The world is said to be round.
I can make it a square or a triangle.
A tree on a corner, a mountain on its edge.
I can create a dust muncher so you don't have to use pledge.
The world would be perfect, thanks to me - the scientist!


Becky, Aubrey, and Marissa
Clive Elementary
Mrs. Beaman
Fourth Grade

Mischief, the cat,
Creeps around
The pumpkin patch
At night
Because he likes to get into mischief.

Reckless, the dog,
Barks all night
In the night
In the house
When people come.
It is me!
Mischief is my cousins cat.  She is black and has white on her stomach.  The first time I Saw him I though he was a girl because he look like one.  Reckless, the god, sounds like a boy name but she is really a girl.  She is light brown with white spots in places.  Is also my cousins dog.


Tameka and Marissa
West Des Moines School

My dog has a big tail.
It looks like a big nail.
He chews on lots of mail.
My dog’s name rhymes with pail.
My dog’s real name is Sail.


By: Candace Harrington, Joshua Hughes & Jeremy Martin

On Nappy Hair Day you don’t comb or brush your hair all day.
On this day we give each other nappy hair names.
We relax all day talking about how nappy our hair is.
Then at midnight we comb and brush our hair and the holiday officially ends.

I hate when I get a hair cut
I hate when I get a perm
But I am still happy with my very
Nappy hair
The gel doesn’t take
All my combs break
But I am still happy with my very
Nappy hair
Being nappy makes me happy


Ian, grade 6
Family Learning Academy, Dover, DE

They say that we are dangerous
They say that we are mean
But monsters have a harder life
than you could ever dream

They say that we are ugly
They say we’re one big sin
But all we really are is
on the outside looking in

Being on the outside looking in
is the hardest thing to do
never fitting in
and always feeling blue

For all the monsters out there
you have a friend in me
So don’t worry, be happy
we’ll talk over a cup of tea.


By:  Sam
grade 3 
Francis Xavier Ward School, Chicago

Why don’t you fly?
Why are you never up in the sky?
Wasting your wings,
Hey, where did you get those things?


Grade 6
Brulington, VT

Poems sparkle.  They color
without colors this that
would be black and white.


By Joanna
Goodlow School
Chicago, IL

She is thought a little beggar girl,
Beragged, homeless orphan.
She has no clothing but a pitiful frock,
She has no possession but her pride.
The people pass by her as she sits in a doorway,
Hoping for a crumb to eat.
They do not see how tall she sits.
They do not notice the way she holds her head high.
They do not recognize the royal gleam in her eyes.
They do not know that the little beggar girl
Is a true princess of her own little kingdom.


Grade 8
Ruggles School

One day the Hot Water and Cold Water were having an argument.
The Hot Water thought that molecules could move faster in it,
and the Cold Water thought that molecules could move faster in it.
So they set a date for a race.
Sugar agreed to help determine the race.
On the day of the race, Salt and Pepper were judges.
When everyone arrived, Salt put exactly two tablespoon of sugar into Hot and Cold.
Then Pepper stirred both.
And to everyone's surprise the Sugar dissolved first in the Hot.
So Hot Water won the bet.
That means that Hot Water was right and everyone thought that was
always wrong because he also got hot under the collar.


Grade 1
Barrington, IL

Raindrops are such funny things.
They haven't feet and haven't wings.
Yet they sail through the air
with the greatest of ease,
And dance up and down the street
where they please.


By:  Ryan
grade 3 
Francis Xavier Ward School, Chicago

Order me some fries or
some of those mini apple pies

Get me a burger or some nuggets
a 20 piece for $2.99 to be exact

It’s the Rock and Roll McDonalds in Chicago
That’s where it’s all at.


Grade 6
Chicago, IL

As I walked through the darkness,
I was given quite a fright
by a strange misty shadow
lurking in the night.

I felt scared as a kitten
and I was hoping for day,
the shadow was a lion
and I was its prey.

My screams pierced the air
my skin went deathly pale,
the shadow crept towards me
with its dark misty veil.

Mortal terror seized my heart
but I stood my ground and said,
"I fear you not mysterious beast"
and to my surprise it fled.

To this day I know not why
the shadow did appear,
but I am almost certain
it was created by my fear.


By Hali
Fifth Grade, Hillis Elementary

Snow, snow everywhere,
There’s even show in your hair.
Wind blows cold, way too cold,
And Mr. Winter is getting old.
I think in my head is it snowing anywhere?
Now it’s time for the fair,
And it’s still snowing everywhere.
It snowed for far too long,
And I feel like I don’t belong.
Trees are covered branch to trunk,
My friends and I, we feel stuck.
The snow looks all fluffy,
And my cheeks are all puffy.
My nose is still all stuffy.
I still think in my head…..
I believe it’s snowing in my bed!?!


Alexandra, Grade 5
West Caldwell, NJ

Write a story about a prince who is handsome, brave, and strong.
Write a poem about a man whose nose is twelve feet long.
When you write you can tell the world how you feel inside.
When you write a story or write a poem, imagination takes you for a ride.

Write a story about a cat and dog who always fight.
Write a poem about you big sister (she thinks she's always right).
When you write you can tell the world how you feel inside.
When you write a story or write a poem, imagination takes you for a ride.


Jalitha, Grade 8
Chicago, 2002

Although they’re gone
They’ll always be there.
Every time you cry
And your tears suddenly dry
That’s your loved one
When it’s a cold and rainy day
And the sun comes out
That’s your loved one
Know when you’re sad
They’ll be there
The sun is gonna shine.


South Salem, NY

The time has come to collect the rent
And this time I mean every cent.
The house it was quite a wreck
But I decided what the heck.
I fixed it up, made it neat
Now collecting rent is quite a treat.
I'll save my pennies from the rent.
Not one little bit will be spent.
I'll find a house that's dirty and cheap
And fix it up with out a peep
I'll work all day, won't stop to play
And rent this next house some other day.
Collecting rent, oh what the heck
Another month, another check.


(Animal Tales and Dinosaur Scales)
Ellen, Grade 4
Huntington, NY

What’s that out at sea
Like a ship with no sail?
The chances are good
What you see is a whale.
And where there is one
There are two,
Maybe twenty,
For whales enjoy whales
And of friends they have plenty.

They slide through the water
With the greatest of ease,
And like sleek submarines
They descend when they please.
They rise to the surface,
They spout and they spray,
And then down they dive
Up and down
All the day.

There’s no trouble with traffic,
No stoplights of red.
A whale can keep swimming
For hours straight ahead.

And when it grows tired
Does he seek out a nest?
A hole
Or a cave
Or a house
There to rest?
No, wherever he is, he just stops there and naps,
Rocked to sleep by the roll of the ocean, perhaps.

A whale may swim,
A whale may swish,
But it isn’t, it isn’t,
It isn’t a fish.


Brookwood Intermediate
Glenwood, Il
Grade 6

What is a scientist?
A scientist is a man, a woman, or even a child.
One who discovers, explores, and experiments on this is or could be referred to as a scientist.
A scientist also tries to find facts about certain things.
So no matter how old you are, you can be a scientist.


By Eliason
Fifth Grade, Hillis Elementary

Who is someone that is
Small and cute,
Funny and sweet?
Who is someone that smells like a baby,
Who can almost walk?
Who is someone with
Cute, blue eyes,
Brown hair and,
Small feet and hands?

So can you make a guess…
Just think…
Could it be yours or mine?
Baby brother or sister.