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Child’s Play is recognized as one of the leading arts-in-education resources, a position we have earned through the uniqueness of our performance material, our high artistic standards and the integrated nature of our educational programs.  We are strongly committed to excellence in arts and education.

A Collaborative Spirit

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When we are in residence, students take the stage and experience the creative process of developing their stories and poems into a complete production.  The program has a profound effect on the many children who experience the complexities of being an ensemble member.  In addition to learning about theatre, the young actors find a new sense of self-esteem and develop a cooperative team spirit.  This team spirit shines through, not only in building ensemble with the students, but by expanding the ensemble to include teachers and the community.  Our residencies would not be what they are without the collaboration of art and music programs, classroom teachers, and parents and community members who volunteer their time to help with the show.    

Each School is Unique – Each Residency is Unique

The invention and ongoing evolution of our programs is derived substantially from our own experiences of three decades of providing arts-in-education programming to schools. It is an inherent component of our work to listen to both teachers and students – to understand where they are coming from, and on what needs and requirements we can work with them to fulfill. Recognizing the importance of being responsive to the needs of the school to provide experiences that will be most useful to teachers and students, we specifically design our programs to be integrated into each school's curriculum. Planning sessions with each school enable us to get an early gauge of the unique culture of the given school.

What we offer:

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