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Mini Residency

Writing Is...Child's Play!

Child's Play actors perform outstanding examples of children's writing in a fun, fast-paced presentation demonstrating the limitless subject matter available. Next, students brainstorm with the actors to generate ideas using one of our many effective tools for helping young authors organize their thoughts. Children are then active participants in creating a group generated story. The story is brought to life as a play, using our actors and the students as performers.

Classroom Visits (optional)

Classroom Visit

To enhance the "Writing is...Child's Play!" master class, company artists can also conduct follow-up instruction in individual classrooms. These classroom visits further develop concepts presented in the master class and introduce new writing tools. During the course of a single classroom visit, students put pen to paper and write the beginning of their own story and become active participants in the creation of a group generated story, which they then act out using our actors and their teachers as performers. 

New Voices

The "Writing is…Child’s Play!" master class is also the perfect kick-off for a "New Voices" show - the most exciting aspect of the Child's Play program. A "New Voices" show features stories and poems written by students following the master class, that are then submitted to Child's Play for consideration.  A selection of stories from these submissions is then performed in a full production with costumes, props and sets by our professional actors upon a return visit.   Certificates of Creativity are awarded to students whose work is worthy of honorable mention.

Recommended Option:
Acting Is... Child's Play!

Acting Is... Child's Play Program

Child's Play also conducts hands-on drama workshops that use theater improvisation games to inspire creative expression. This workshop introduces the three tools of the actor.  From breathing properly to articulating, young actors learn how to develop a stage voice.  From basic movements to mime, they become confident physical performers. Through fun improvisation games, their creativity is unleashed and harnessed to work as a team and become a part of a group “ensemble”.   This workshop provides a painless, first performance experience for children.
Story adaptation – “From Page to Stage” - workshops are also available.