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Chicago Young Writers Program

Child's Play Touring Theatre believes in the importance of contributing to the Chicago Community in which we live and work. Our principal outreach program - the Chicago Young Writers Project - aims to motivate Chicago Public School students to write and to provide teachers with drama-based methods for writing instruction.

The focus of CYWP is primarily on schools whose children are educationally at risk. By exciting children about their own abilities as creative individuals, Child's Play works to raise self-esteem and motivate young people to embrace education, reaping the life-long benefits that a love of learning creates.  We identify and encourage young writers by performing the best of their stories and poems, and award Certificates of Creativity to works worthy of honorable mention.

Since 1985, the company has provided free and reduced-fee performance and educational workshops for hundreds of thousands of students throughout the city. The program reaches about 10,000 students in Chicago annually.