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Masked Intern

Child's Play internships are open to high school and college students, adults re-entering the work force, and those seeking theatre or office experience as preparation for a career change. Interns must be able to work independently, and will report weekly to a designated supervisor. Individually designed internships are acceptable. Theatre experience is desirable, but not essential. College credit may be arranged.

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Time Commitment:
Full-time and part-time internships are available year-round.  We request a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week for at least eight weeks and are completely flexible in working around school and work schedules.
At this time we are unable to provide salaries for interns.  However, we do provide a stipend to cover lunch expenses and transportation for each full day worked.
Types of Internships:

Event Marketing and Management
Assist in the planning and execution of events, from site selection, marketing, and organizing of details to managing the day of needs at an event.

Public Relations and Communications
Assist with writing and producing publications such as annual reports.  Write and create support materials, press releases, web copy and mailings.  Organize and catalog photo/video library and past PR materials.

Graphic Design
Assist in design and production of website, print ads, flyers, brochures and other promotional materials.

Development and Grant Writing
Research and identify potential funding sources, write grants, work on individual development projects.

General Administration
Assist in day-to-day operations.  Tasks may include data entry, contract and story processing, filing, etc.

Business Management
A wide range of support is needed in the business management area. Tasks include inventory of physical assets, researching banking and money market options, and gathering preliminary audit information. Also needed is enhancing of accounts payable/receivable tracking system and help with bookkeeping.

Information Technology
Help maintain and update database as needed, assist with general computer and server needs, troubleshoot technical issues as they occur.

Story Coordination
Read stories written by Young Authors and help categorize them for publication.

Booking/Tour Management
Assist in the booking and tour support for the traveling acting troupes. Tasks include researching and contacting venues nationwide for booking, assisting with tour planning, repertory/actor log database updating and sponsor mailings.

Videographer and/or Photographer
Document Child's Play productions via video and photographs.  Produce promotional videos and photography as needed for company. 

Technical Production
Assist with one or all of the following: costume design and stitching, set building and repairs, and props. Carpentry work in the production studio is also needed.