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Cast of Friends

You can support the work of Child's Play Touring Theatre by becoming a member of our Cast of Friends. Financial assistance and encouragement is vital to Child's Play's programs and continued growth. Please get involved and make a donation and become a member of our Cast of Friends. Any amount you are able to give is greatly appreciated and will assist us in our mission to enrich the lives of children.

Performers - $250 - $499

Suzy and Russell Campbell
Karen Egerer and Richard Johnson
Christopher M. Novy
Alan Ruck
Tammy and Eric Steele
Barbara Stone Samuels and Richard Samuels
Sara Szold

Understudies - $125 - $249

Kathy Bliss
Lisa Canning
Eve Moran
Patricia Hruby Powell
Darcy Proctor
Roche Schulfer
The Spratt Family

Ushers – Up to $124

Art Andros
Michael Becker
Marshall Blankenship
Patricia C. Bobb
Susan and Thomas Brennan
Jean Bystedt
Cheryl Chapman
Meredith Couling
Francis P. Cuisinar
Don S. Ecklund
Samuel J. Erkonen
Judy Green
Douglas Hart
Meredith Johnson
Joan Mazzonelli
Joseph Miller
Carol Rauner O’Donovan
Theone Panagakos
Juliana Perisin
Estelle Petraglia
Karen Phelan
David Rice
Morty Schiff
Cynthia Scholl
Inge M. Serpe
Elaine A. Nichas Stamoulis
Anne Thurman
Thomas Tsipas
Gare Unnewehr
Barbara and Robert Weeks
David Williams

Special thanks to the following individuals and/or organizations for their contributions of products, software, and/or services:
George and Kathy Bliss
Kevin Gates, Microsoft Corp.
Ben Hollis
Alan Irgang, LCSW
Elias Matsakis, Holland & Knight
Robert E. Potter, III
Grant Priehs
Mark Weaver, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP

American Corporate Benefits, Inc.
First Nonprofit Insurance Agency
Flourish Studios
Give Back Chicago
Networking for a Cause
Teaming 4 Technology
Southwest Airlines