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Director and writer

Sponsorships are the ultimate win/win/win and have been crucial to our success.  Your organization can attain higher visibility, we can continue to bring our unique programs to schools and communities, and children can continue to creatively flourish.

You or your company can have an active voice in how you would like us to work together.  We would like to create new programs and are open to discussing any ideas you have. Or, you could underwrite an existing program and enjoy the sponsor benefits from that. 

Perhaps you have many different events you are already sponsoring; there may be ways for us to help you bring children into that event.  We could provide talent and resources for activities to keep the children’s creativity focused and fun, in a safe environment.  We’ve worked with many corporate sponsors to create custom productions, creative workshops, and team-building events. 

Commissioned shows can be made to order.   At Microsoft® we created a writing contest with the specific theme of illustrating the benefits of a website.  At Target®, we created a program to coincide with their Honor Your Teacher project.  And, at Kraft Foods, we developed a multi-year program, working with them as an Arts Partner for over five years. Multi-year funding helps us deliver our finest and most integrated fine arts programs to schools and children.  It is a strategic win for both sponsor and Child’s Play.

Please email June Podagrosi or call (773) 235-8911 for more information on sponsorship opportunities.